Denon AVR-X4000 Review

Do you consider yourself as a serious AV enthusiast? Then Denon AVR-X4000 would surely satisfy your taste. Denon AVR-X4000 is considered to be the highest end of the AVR-X series receivers.

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Denon AVR-X4000 In-command 7.2-Channel 4K Ultra HD Networking Home Theater Receiver

Denon AVR-X4000
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Denon AVR-X4000
+Polk Audio Speaker
Denon AVR-X4000+Monster HTS 1600 8-Outlet Power Center

Denon AVR-X4000
+Monster HTS 1600
8-Outlet Power Center

Powerful Versatility

It is known to be highly powerful, wonderful and very versatile. You’d hear and see your music the way they were meant to be experience. That’s of high quality, giving you hyper realistic, vibrant sounds that will make your heart race, your mind boggle, your skin will get goose bumps as you try to remain calm thinking its very unbelievable. It’s almost like you’re part of the action/horror film you are watching. Allow Denon’s AVR-X4000 to transform your simple television room into a top class movie house that has a surround sound system. It is fully discrete, with uniformed quality and power for channels. The 4k Ultra HD upscale had given the customers the chance to enjoy and savor the privilege and HD music and video play backs. The Air Play of this AVR also offers playback for Internet music, by storing in on a networked personal computer or your personal hard drive. You can now stream your music using the portable devices of your choice as you control your mountains of components with your table or android phones smoothly like a pro. (HD audio is up to 192kHz). With numerous connectivity and installation options, you are sure to enjoy the music or video entertainment wherever you are. As the main program runs in the theater room because of the Digital multi-zone functionality. (5.1 sound with separate audios that can be manually installed in different parts or rooms inside your house) Even the remote is user-friendly, very easy to operate when you find yourself pushing the buttons. Also, a very functional feature is that it has HDMI and USB port located right in front of the receiver, for easy manipulations of your devices. AVR-X300, AVR-X2000 and AVR-X100 (the older versions of this new line up) have lesser wattage and limited features compared to AVR-X4000.


Streaming can never be easy and fun with AVR-X4000, do you have your music stored in your iPhone, iPod or is your personal computer running iTunes? With AVR-X4000′s Air Play, you’re also to access this audiophiles with just a click away. Simply pressing the “play” button and your favorite music with start streaming. The customer friendly function allows users to easily browse and listen to their songs or music with ease. You might even stumble to your song that had been lost and forgotten. With AVR-X4000, you don’t need to have hundreds of gigabytes. It has a feature automatically built it for supporting Spotify and SiriusXM subscribers, so as the famous Pandora Internet Radio. Don’t forget the DLNA- compatibility for networked PC, with this home theater, you will never feel left out because you don’t have those million of songs stored in your hard drive, for you can easily access then with AVR-X4000.

Simple Installation

The system had been customized for a very easy installation. The receiver does the automatic calibration for your sub woofers and speakers depending on the acoustics of your room. A professional installer is not even needed to set this up, anyone can install in without is or technical know how.


Another distinguishable feature of the product is that it can make the potential clients happy because of the InstaPreview.

What is InstaPreview?

InstaPreview gives us the background of what is being played on the HDMI input through a series of tile flashes on the screen. An interesting addition is if you switch between inputs continuously, it has the tendency to creep into the receiver market place. It is another feature added by AVR-X4000 to make one’s choices more captivating and personalized. You also have the privilege of changing the tile positions on the screen. You will notice a sort of picture-in-picture once the tiles are arranged in a single row via InstaPreview.

AVR-X4000 Specifications

The AVR-X4000 has 7 internal amplifiers, full 11.2 pre outs plus stereo pre outs for zones 2 and 3 and 11 pairs of connecting posts. It is possible to configure your internal amps any ways you want and can be done easily with the help of on screen guides that serves as your personal manuals or guides. Having only 7 internal amps is not a weakness for this amplifier. It can still support approximately up to 9.2 system with the use of 2 channel amplifier. You would even play to run a 5.1 system and dual amp the main. If you’re fortunate to own two sets of speakers (one can be fore music while the other for home theater) you can use this to configure your AVR-X4000 to automatically flick to your preferences based on the materials. Meaning, you will use the HT speakers if you are listening to multiple channel source. Just keep in mind that when you kick the receiver to 2 Ch or stereo mode, there is the probability that it will transfer to your other set of speakers. It is a plus that you can configure both sets independently if you wanted to (whether it’s level, size, crossover or distance).

Note: Selecting the proper amp configuration can help you adjust your speaker manually.


AVR-X4000′s greatest feature is that it is readily equipped with Audyssey, MultEQ, XT32. Audyssey’s professional room correction that is known to have much finer resolution than the older versions released. Also, it’s the first time that this feature had been offered on a Denon receiver within a very economical price range. It also has SubEQ HT that calibrates dual sub woofers. For one, it measures the level and delay in frequency of each sub and it also plays both subs continuously so that you can figure out the room correction filter. SubEQ HT had also made its first appearance to Denon in this product.

So if you’re thinking that this innovation is just another common receiver that is throwing audiophiles to the slope in favor of the mainstream consumers, think again. AVR-X4000 is standing a very respectable if not record breaking standing.

What’s in the Box?

AVR-X4000 is generously packed with all the outputs, inputs and advance configurations options that are significant in any custom installation.

This product is packed with:

>7 HDMI in/3 out, 3 component in/1, 5 composite in/3, 7 stereo analogue in/1 out, 2 digital coax and optical inputs.


The main reason why the AVR-X4000 has a wide range of video outputs for zone 2 is the inputs were easily assigned, renamed or hidden in the system menu. Independent video feeds are viewable in the main zone to zone 2 with the use of composite, HDMI or component. Yes, it is highly possible for zone 2 to pull the same, if not different HDMI signal rather than the main zone. It also has the capacity to take audio from HDMI and send it out to zone 2 pre outs, cancelling the need to set up HDMI and analogue cables from the sources. Hence, zone 3 doesn’t have any kind of video output and can only support HDMI when “All Zone Stereo” is running. Both zone often has the capability to support digital coax or optical if its needed. You can rename and the change of name would be reflected on the receiver’s mobile app and front display. If you worry that one zone is being interfered by the other zones, you should not. You don’t ever need to use the word “zone” again when facing a client. The only con about this is, only a single network can be used at a time.

For example:

Listening to Pandora is not possible while listening to Spotify.

Although, for now, there aren’t any kind of receiver that is capable of doing that (even given at any price). AVR-X400′s multi zone capabilities is it’s top notch speaker set up options in every zone. You can control you maximum volume, bass, power on volume, hiss pass filter, treble, left and right speaker levels in regards with multi room functions.


In regards with advanced configuration, AVR-X4000 can blend in easily as they come.

  • Contains 12v volt triggers
  • IR in/out for IR repeaters
  • RS-2332 connection

In addition, it also supports HDMI standby pass, but there’s no way of changing the HDMI input without twisting the receiver. You can easily access your “favorite” material with a list of 4 button that passes through the middle. Those button can bring you to your favorite ration station, song stored on your network no matter how specific you want it to me. Although, weird enough, they don’t can’t take you the a specific folder or Pandora station.


Pandora, as your source can be saved as a favorite, but not as a specific station. In DLNA, when you specify a particular folder is more convenient. You don’t have to go through the every folders every time you start the service.

Setting up AVR-X400:

Turning the AVR-X4000 for the first time, you will be guided through a set up process via screen prompts. Considered to be the most modern kind of high end AV receiver that have this kind of set up built it. Devon’s AV Receiver Setup Assistant is the most helpful step by step guide you’ll ever come across with. After selecting the desired language, items that you will need for set up will flash on your screen (set up mic, remote, speakers and cables). This basic step allows the consumers to have the chance to remove all the contents from the box before disregarding them later carelessly. They’ll never come across the question ” Wait, this thing came with a remote control? I never saw it in the box”

Then you will need to install your speakers and connect them. The Setup Assistant will accompany you throughout the process with the aid of visual images (still and animated images) Because of that, it makes the tasks such as ensuring proper polarity, the right way of stripping your speaker wires and utilizing binding posts very simple to consumers, even for the novice ones. Upon selection of which speakers to use, it will give you a list of predefined options such is 5.1 or 7.1. With the aid of Setup Assistant, it’ll ask you about each speaker individually. Like, “is your channel speaker available” selecting yes would being you to an image where it tell you to hook it up on the of your receiver and add it to your configuration. Then it will tell you the proper way to connect your receiver to the Internet, test you connection and the Internet music will start playing if the installation was successful. After that, you should select what sources will be in use, it verifies your answer by switching the input you have chosen and inquiring you if you can see the image. All in all, the set up is a piece of cake for professional and if you’re a novice, you can manage installing it with ease.

Using the Remote Control:

AVR-X4000 remote control very basic, it is a universal remote that doesn’t need an expert to decipher how it functions. It’s very simple, it doesn’t have any buttons on the back, flashy backlight nor a cool LCD. Although, it has the capability of controlling other devices, like a cable box but is limited to simple navigation. This one is better than the half baked universal remote being pulled by many manufacturers, that promises to act as a universal remote for one’s entire system but fails. AVR-X4000 remotes does “everything”. In contrary to bulky and large remote that are crammed with minuet buttons, this one is more simple but controls the receiver flawlessly without any interruptions. The input and navigation buttons are available as well as the InstaPreview, making the navigation more easier. If one wants to easily swap the video input in a jiffy, an option button allows it. The only problem is, the remote doesn’t have Denon’s Quick Select buttons, which brings the receiver to a present input, sound mode and volume.

There’s no doubt that new users will have a few moments of confusion trying to figure out how the navigation system works, for how the products works since the manual is a little quirky but its not a major fault. In comparison to other brands, I can say this one of the bests, if not the best.